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The PBX is a critical part of any business, as it controls all the phone lines and routes calls to where they need to go. Major providers usually have a monthly fee which includes certain features, but what if you want more? In this article we explore how VoIP Cloud-Based PBX software provides an alternate option for companies in need of a more advanced system.

We are a 3CX supported SIP Trunk Provider.   We also host 3CX PBX’s in our secure data location.  We are the only 3CX SIP Trunk provider that offers hosting/SIP Trunking within a single secured data center.

A cloud-based PBX software solution is an affordable way to store and manage your contact information, voicemail messages, and call history all in one place. A great way to increase efficiency when it comes to customer service and improve customer communication.

Who We Are

Link up your team and customers with a cloud based PBX System

Founded in 2005, when VOIP was an emerging technology, 3CX has gone on to establish itself as a global leader in business communications. Taking advantage of the SIP open-standard and WebRTC technology, 3CX has evolved from its roots as a PBX phone system to a complete communications platform, offering customers a simple, flexible, and affordable solution to call, video and live chat. With 3CX businesses can increase productivity, enhance customer experiences, while dramatically cutting costs and management headaches.

About Our Founder & President

Darr Palmer


Darr graduated in 1974 and spent 8 years serving in the US Navy as an Electronics Technician serving on and performing maintenance on both surface ships and submarines. Since entering the civilian sector in 1982 he has continued his career in technology. During his career he has worked as senior engineering and C-level positions in two way communications ( Logic Trunked Radio and NexTel communications, various tower management companies), IT Services and VoIP telephony.

In 2003 Darr formed Palmer Diversified Ventures which operated as SystemTamers one of the largest IT Services company in Tampa dealing exclusively in the not for profit arena from 2003 to 2008, after the recession of 2009 Palmer Diversified Ventures began transforming from an IT Services company into what today has become BizPhones4u a 3CX Reseller Partner with clients located throughout the United States.

We Are Eco Friendly

Why Our Solutions are more Eco Friendly than the rest.

Our desire is to deliver a broad range of PBX and SIP Trunking Solutions to our clients that maximize benefits to them while minimizing the carbon footprint of the technology we deliver.  Software only solutions that can be put on existing servers help us achieve this, energy efficient servers in our hosting farm helps as well, clients moving to softphones on existing PC’s and on smartphones eliminate additional sources of energy consumption and the impacts associated with it. We are currently adding paperless contracts, agreements and invoices. Anything we can do to minimize the impacts on natural resources, reduce non recyclable waste or make the environment where we live better, we explore it and whenever possible we adopt it.


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